We live in an age in which speed is the catalyst of what happens. The speed of development, of data transfer, the speed at which changes occur. The speed at which things happen from one moment to another, often without warning, sometimes with little hum that precedes a storm.

At this time the engine and electricity have put on the sidelines humans. Our attention is focused on how to become even faster, how to automate the work to a greater extent, on how to plan and will break up our time, often forgetting that behind the ‘camera’ is always a person.

In this way, our perception is distorted, because in order to communicate we use an intermediate device, such as mobile phones and fast internet connections. The speed with which we can communicate has been proportional to the speed we alienate from one another. Our life is characterized by constant noise; the noise of things running, the noise of passing years, of  images changing, the noise of the steps as we rush to anticipate the future.

In such an environment, we chose to place our selves at the center of interest. Four channels of sound – noise source, affecting four different characters (one for each channel) in four different views – frames. Each character in this phase is alone, facing the noise they listen to.  They react to the “dust of life” according to their own character, ignoring what happens beyond them.


Music: Manolis Manousakis
Visuals: Panayiotis Goubouros
Actors: Lida Matsagou, Nadia Deligianni, Haris Mavroudis, Stavros Loukeris
Voice Imrpovisations: Savvina Yannatou
Director of Photography: Dimitris Kostopoulos
Camera: Kostas Yiagkouridis