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Sound artist / audiovisual technician with a passion in humanizing the digital sound.  Uses live electronics – real time processing either analog or digital.

He studied music (theory, accordion, music technology) and information technology. He has been teaching music technology (Municipal Conservatory of Volos, Musical praxis conservatory – Athens). He has composed music for theater plays (more than 30) and films. He was a member of the rock groups (Lost bodies, postblue etc). As an improviser he has cooperated in concerts and recorded with musicians from Greece and other European countries. He is a member of the Greek Electroacoustic composer association (ESSIM). Aside his artistic activity since 1995 he has been working as audiovisual and lighting engineer

Thodoris resides in Ireland.

Medeaelectronique credits

  • EMW8 and Electric Nights (2008 to present)
  • ISE (Instant synthesis ensemble)
  • Project_1