The work is set in an abandoned olive oil factory in Sellasia Sparta, Greece. The natural dissolution of the building serves as a backdrop to the staged, improvised movement of the performers.  What was once the center of productivity in a community of olive grove farmers is now a ‘set’ with old machinery and broken tools, bags and piles of olive seeds. An empty space, full of memories and stories of the past.


Produced by: Koumaria Residency 2013
Video: Panayiotis Goubouros
Music: Manolis Manousakis
Dancers: Stavros Apostolatos, Alessandra Fabbri, Hen Lovely Bird, Ioanna Kampylafka
Performers: Panos Amelides, Alessandra Leone, Eric Lewis, Omar Shahir, Dimitris Tigkas, Eli Anna Peristeraki
Makeup: Jasa Baka