Dromology is a site-specific performance recorded at mount Taygetos in Greece. It forms part of a series of artistic works produced at Koumaria Residency 2015 in Sellasia, Greece.

Dromology is derived from the Greek ‘dromos’: avenue or race course.
The theory of dromology interprets the world and reality as a resultant of velocity.

In Paul Virilio’s 1977 essay entitled “Speed and Politics”, the french philosopher makes a compelling case for an interpretation of history, politics and society in the context of speed. Extending the definition of “dromomaniacs”, Virilio argues that speed became the sole agent and measure of progress.

He contends, that “there was no ‘industrial revolution’, only ‘dromocratic revolution’; there is no democracy, only dromocracy; there is no strategy, only dromology.”


Production: Koumaria Residency 2015
Dancer: Marili Pizarro
Music: Robert Jędrzejewski & Dimitris Tigas
Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist: Michael Larsson
Sound recording: Jung Wook Hong
Additional sound design: Manolis Manousakis