The first creative proposal by Medea Electronique, which draws inspiration from the myth of Medea, conflicting human emotions, transitions in these and the mores of society, seen through the prism of modern technology.

The work utilises applied Interactive Technology to process visual and audio data in a live performance. The specific placement of multiple visual, audio and light foci around the audience creates a dynamic environment rendering the action projected multi-dimensional and multi-directional. During the piece, the characters’ emotions are expressed through the audiovisual material, while projections of the (unified) foci of visual material throughout the space present the action of the performers.

It was first presented at the Benaki Museum in April 2007


Concept: Medea Electronique
Music: Manolis Manousakis
Live Elctronics: Thodoris Zioutos
Video Art/Animation: LoKey (Yiannis Lollis, Cleopatra Koraï)
Sets / Costumes, Art Work: Christos Laskaris
Interactive Systems / Programming: Panagiotis Tsagarakis
Light Design: Sakis Birbilis

The following musicians participate and improvise:
Eleni Koutsoumbi, soprano
Lillian Simba, mezzo soprano
Joe Tornabene, baritone saxophone
Katerina Chents, flute
Yiorgos Farougias, bassoon
Kostas Anastasopoulos, violin
Panagiotis Koliavassilis, percussion

Actors Maria Goula, Seraphim Houhoutas and Joe Tornabene collaborated on the audiovisual material. It was first presented at the Benaki Museum in April 2007