Medea Electronique, continuing their research into myth, aim to explore the boundaries of technology and the poetics of the Digital Era, thus creating a new type of dramaturgy: The poetry of the digital era. → In a performance – score. →  Prometheus in a collaboration with the French Dance Group, Cie Sébastien Perralut, and the bass baritone Marios Sarantidis. → Ιn the performance, music, poetry, dancer’s body, digital interactive technology  act as versions of Promethean fire-technology

Prometheus is now free and wandering. → The gods have died →  Having given the fire-technology to humans, he stands to observe: using the fire they try to live well, to move forward. Ιn the performance, music, poetry,  the dancer’s body, digital interactive technology all act as versions of Promethean fire-technology. The humans now feel omnipotent. They are both players and play-things, and so the game of the world continues.



Concept & artistic direction: Medea Electronique

Music: Manolis Manousakis, Dimitris Tingas, Guido de Flaviis

Dramaturgy: Aggeliki Pouliou

Choreography: Sébastien Perrault

Video mapping, live visuals: Vicky Bisbiki

Set-design – costumes: Sotiris Ifantis

Music interaction: Alexandros Drimonitis

Production manager: Iro Akrivou

Bass baritone: Μάριος Sarantidis

Chorus: Marie Laure Caradec, Steven Hervouet, Sébastien Perrault, Giannis Nikolaides