Numb_life of motionless time

Mixed-media performance by Medea Electronique

in collaboration with Eve Ganneau, choreographer/dancer

Even if the everyday is stifling and flat, no one can live exclusively in the unusual, the unheard-of, the unsaid. A slice of everyday life can reveal poetry, and the frenetic search for the exceptional canyield much that is pointless and trivial.Imagine : The window of a train. You look out and everything moves, events pass by, nothing happens. Slowly, you give in, gradually surrendering while people continuously bustle through elusive roads, pretending to have a great purpose. A burnout generation. Ours.The piece was developed from interaction and improvisation with the different elements (music, vid- eo and objects). Throughout the process, those events settled one in relation to the other to revealafictional potential and give shape to a character. The performer seems confined in a liminal space where transformations take place and where the body creates a counterpoint to the incessant flux ofeach element of the environment.The sound (Manolis Manousakis) deals with this atmosphere of numbness. The minimal sonic com- position with noise elements, low frequencies and small changes illustrate the immobility of frenetic movement, the vivacity of inaction and silence.The visual environment (Panayiotis Goubouros & Sotirios Yfantis) is made out of one projection repro- duced interminably over the different surfaces and objects in the space with the help of multiple mir- rors. The work reveals a process of deconstruction, fragmentation, multiplication and mise en abyme, to create an environment in constant motion.


Adapted & Curated by: Medea Electronique in collaboration with Eve Gaennau

Choreography:Eve Gaennau
Musical:  Manolis Manousakis

Video: Panagiotis Goubouros

Dramaturgy: Angeliki Poulou
Set Design: Sotiris Yfantis

Production Management: Iro Akrivou