Soundscapes Landscapes is a sound map, an interactive urban/rural installation, a digital audiovisual rhizome, an invitation to experience an interpretive remix of the past history and present life of a physical space.

Medea Electronique, in collaboration with the Onassis Stegi, has produced three such maps: Neos Kosmos, Kerameikos/Gazi (both in the center of Athens) and Sellasia (a small village north of Sparta that hosts the Koumaria art residency for the past 10 years). Visitors are invited to experience the sound map through an application on their phone as they walk the streets of the neighborhood. A simulation of the Kerameikos/Gazi walk was also hosted in the OCC in 2018. The visitor engaged with a virtual reality environment by means of VR projections, video projections, texts, sounds and compositions, bringing Athens and the experiences of its streets to life.

Medea Electronique walk us through the production of these art pieces. Sound artists, visual artists and performers describe their introduction to the neighborhoods and the people living there, their creative process, their experience of the installation as spectators and the impact of their participation.