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BEER presents Dark Matter

By Announcement

Dark Matter is a live coding project in collaboration with art@CMS involving sonification of data streams from the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. Experimental data containing clues towards possible ‘new physics’ becomes the raw material for improvised music and visualisations programmed in real time by the ensemble with an aim to creating a result that while aesthetically engaging, is both musically and scientifically meaningful. BEER will visit Greece as guests of MedeaElectronique and their Koumaria Residency project in cooperation with the Francis Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts at DEREE – The American College of Greece.

The Koumaria residency will culminate in a lecture and concert on the 10th of June at DEREE. Event link here.

BEER are being hosted by Medea as part of their Koumaria residency center activities (Koumaria link). The Koumaria residency is an annual ten day experimental artist residency, focusing on improvisation and new media practices, and is formulated following an open call process. Beyond this Medea use the Koumaria center for a diverse range of smaller projects and collaborations, all aimed at developing links between artists and experimenting with future creative possibilities. It is within this context that Medea welcome BEER to share and explore their innovative approach to creating sound art.

Deree – The American College of Greece
6 Gravias Street, 153 42 Athens, Greece

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