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What will the weather be like?

Koumaria is beautiful regardless of the weather. It could be sunny and summer-like the whole time, or, if the rainy season is a bit early, the weather could be mixed. When the sun is out expect temps around 20-27, if there is cloud cover, a very light jacket would be needed. We are at altitude (ca 590m), so the evenings can be cool. If so we have two very nice fireplaces at the residency. It would be good to bring gear for the mountains, a fleece and rain gear.

What do I need to bring in terms of equipment, and what can I get there, or is provided?

Ask, ask, and ask! We are in rural Greece, where it is easier to purchase farm equipment than batteries or anything electronic! We are about 30 mins from Sparta, but even then many things would have to be ordered, and it is a drag to have to make trips there. Bring what you need for your art, ask if we have, or can provide, specific things you might need that are difficult for you to travel with. We can get much with warning, but very little once we are at the residency site. Remember, electricity is Greek outlets and voltage.

What about Internet?

We are likely to have little, if any Internet connection at the residency. There is Internet at a café in the village, a 20 min walk. If you need to be connected all the time, well, think about if this residency is for you! Enjoy your time off of the grid! We have a landline and cell coverage at Koumaria.

How does a day unfold?

We have collective meetings, in the morning and evening, to discuss our progress, collective plans, and the activities for the next day. Depending on the unfolding projects, and individual and collective interests, assorted local outings may take place. There are usually 2-3 vehicles at the residency, including large van.

I have assorted dietary restrictions, is that ok?

We eat healthy, and varied food. Vegetarians are well catered for! If you have very specific food needs, or concerns, let us know,. We are not near a large supermarket, but we eat lots of local foods (yummy!). Breakfast is informal, with breads, cheeses, spreads and eggs put out, which you can help yourself to when you wake up. Lunch tends to be taken on the fly, often leftovers from the previous evening feast, pies, and the like. We eat a large evening meal together, usually rather late by North American standards, between 8-9. Everyone pitches in to help with the cleaning, and if you are a good cook that enjoys cooking, let us know, you will be called upon!

What can one get in the local village?

Very basic supplies—a small general store for food, cigarettes and the like and three cafes. Make sure you have whatever medicines you might need. Note there is no smoking allowed in the residency building proper.

I need my privacy, will I get it?

This residency is about collective artwork. You will have ample time to stroll the surrounding hills, think to yourself, contemplate the stars, but this is not a residency for solitary art-production. In addition we sleep in communal quarters. If you do not relish the thought of working intensely and closely with a group of exciting creative folks, Koumaria is not for you!

The precise dates are not great for me; can I come for a bit?

While we do what we can to work around your travel needs, you are expected to be at the residency for the duration, and to participate in the performance at the end. We cannot guarantee that we can get you to and from Athens other than on the days we are traveling as a group.

I am worried that my aesthetic may not mesh with the group, should I be?

We select residents that we have reason to believe will fit well with the other residents, and with the overall aesthetic of Medea Electronique. In general, you need to have a flexible aesthetic; you will be working with others. Many Medea members come out of a noise aesthetic, and while our sonic-art varies in its style and genre, if you cannot stand loud electronics, you may not enjoy some of the late-night jamming! Come with an expectation to have your aesthetic broadened, and to do so for others.

I was hoping to also do some touristy things, will I be able to?

We will take numerous outings while at Koumaria, and many of these will be interesting in their own right (mountains, ancient ruins, remote villages, caves, etc). However, they will be chosen primarily based on the creative needs of the residents. If you really want to explore Greece as a tourist, take some time before or after the residency.