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Robotic Residents Koumaria 2012

By October 12, 2012March 18th, 2016Uncategorized

Perhaps there is another residency in the world with an astronomical observatory on the roof, but there certainly is no other residency that houses in its observatory what we have!  Upon climbing a ladder to the roof, one rounds a bend, ascends a couple of steps, and is faced with a white domed observatory.  The inscription on the dome “Space Is The Place”, drawn from our friend from Saturn Sun Ra, clues you in to the fact that this will be no normal observatory.  You bend over, and enter the darkened space, and are met by a table full of zoomorphic creatures, created out of assorted electrical parts, spot lit by small lamps, all looked after by their creator who is working a control surface and a mixing board.  Spindly shadows bounce off the spherical roof, electronic sounds, all produced by the creatures, emerge from speakers.  The sight is evocative, haunting and strangely beautiful.  If you enter with an instrument, and ask politely, the creatures may well consent to improvising with you.  Soon an ensemble sound emerges.  Our only issue now, how to introduce the audience at the Onassis center to our metal and silicon friends, for they are small, and somewhat shy….

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