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The residency was focused and busy today, as the day culminated in a run-through of all the projects. As we cheered our fellow residents efforts, it became clear how much work, and how many projects, developed this year in a compressed period of time. This is a credit both to the creativity of the residents, but also to their willingness to work collaboratively. Many residents had perhaps only a small role to play in a given project, but a crucial one—suggesting a way a project might unfold, solving a technical problem, or perhaps merely holding a mic boom during a shooting. We are looking forward to presenting a number of the projects in the village tomorrow, a first for Koumaria, which will be very useful for us as we prepare final versions to present back in Athens. By using many sites within the village, and between the village and the residency itself, we hope to creatively interact with this locals–both revealing their histories and their potentials as sites for creative engagement with space, place and memory.

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