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Koumaria Residency DAYS #10-12 – 4-7 Oct 2016

image1-1image3image1image2Last full days for all of us, between Koumaria Residency and Athens.

On Wednesday 5th, everybody is finalizing his or her productions and post-productions. The last online material is being uploaded. The residency is incredibly silent as never before. Anybody could guess why. Lunch is cooked at 16. For Eric, Alex, Manolis and Yorgos is now the turn to speak about the sequence of performances that will be presented on October 7th at the OCC show in Athens. During the late afternoon, the last trials take place: of Victoria’s video triggering, of Alex and Gabriella’s live coding poetry and Victoria’s door performance about hospitality and building a new home. The sunset is truly fantastic. The last episode of Show and Tell is definitely not the least: the order of performances is checked live, so to understand its flow and homogeneity.

So many discussions come in as the performances are shown. Are we ready for tomorrow? Are we ready to leave this wonderful and peaceful corner of the world? Are we ready for the chaotic Athens and its big white buildings?

Sleeping is not easy, lights are still on until late night. Red wine is over. Red passion, still vivid inside.

The last Koumaria’s alarm clock rings pretty early, so to close all the luggages and be ready to leave on time. At 10:30, the four cars are packed of stuff and people. After three hours of pleasant silences, small talks and infinite mountains, Athens come across us with unexpected violence. The arrival at OCC’s big squared marble building suggests that the trip somehow I coming to an end: the end of the more artistic-oriented approach, giving space to organization and structure… a more effective attitude towards the presentation of all residents’ works during the 10 days.

At the fourth floor of the OCC the installation space is set, while the performances are going to be presented in the fifth floor cinematic theatre. As soon as the rehearsals start, both on October 6th and 7th, the order of the performances as previously set is followed. The show is going to present 11 works, structured as follows:

  1. Video at the trashing floor with Victoria and Gabriella, shot by Pan Woo
  2. Live act of Live Sound Painting, by Akiko and Rasmus
  3. Live pulse feedback piece
  4. Video by Pan Woo, shot both during the visit at the Black Smith and at the cemetery
  5. Live act “At arms lenght” performed by Rah and Nadav
  6. Nadav’s video “Part Five” about the fatal march, reproduced during Dimitris’ double bass live performance
  7. Live coding poetry by Alex and Gabriella
  8. Video shot in the abandoned house, by Rah and Nadav
  9. Victoria’s piece about building a house, with Rasmus and Rah and Dimitris’ live music performance
  10. Light dress act, by Fawn, with Nadav and Gabriella as models
  11. Kleopatra’s video about a love story, with the participation of Ageliki and Rolando.

The rehearsals seem to be ready, even though some (usual and expected) troubles with sound and light occur. The last rehearsal leave everybody content, perhaps a little bit less worried. Until 18, all members and artists are going up and down. They laugh, after all.

Everybody is tired, carrying a lot of desperation but at the same time is extremely excited and inspired for what is about to come.


Rossella Salzillo (Intern)

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