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2018 Koumaria Residency Blog 2

By October 27, 2018June 12th, 2019At the residency, Interview, Performance

Day 2| “Elephant woman”

When you are over ninety you control the time constantly.

That’s why she wears a wristwatch to watch over the minutes, and that reassures her like one who calms down while traveling, touching their passport.

Yellow flowers gift of the soul.
Grandmother’s embrace, sweet voice of yesterday.
Outside drops of dew just like yesterday, but don’t wet the same because they are from yesterday.

The barking of the neighbor dog that doesn’t sound the same like yesterday and she who speaks and no longer speaks which she would like because her voice doesn’t sound like yesterday, and that is why she sings to hide that her voice trembles like her hands tremble.

She remembers everything from yesterday, and acts like if it were today, but the boat of her life sailed a long time ago and navigates the furrows of her face jumping the ninety-two ports in the retina of her memory.

And that’s why she sings, sings like if the words will not reach.

The love in his eyes that observes everything and the musicians that are entering.
Nostalgia dances in her eyes discolored and vivacious,
Follow the rhythm with her giant carnival smile.

The mist of the mountains beats like the steps of an elephant over her memory.

and now she is expectant
and awaits another year the visit of tourists
like a child waits for Santa Claus


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  • Giota says:

    Wonderful videos !!!!
    It brought back memories of growing up in Sellasia
    Thank you especially for featuring my mom
    It was very moving for me

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