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2019 Koumaria Residency Blog 10

Fragments of The Unheard By Jordan Edge and Nour Sokhon РA sonic representation of Koumaria’s audio archive through a spatial sound installation. The original archived audio is manipulated to form a malleable soundscape, it is then dispersed through speaker drivers, horns, translucent tubing, air valves and air splitters into different spaces throughout the Olive Factory. A bed of environmental sound conditions the space through various resonant machinery & metal housings. Sound proceeds through air valves and air splitters to singular tubes hung in space, the longer the length of tube, the more blurred the sonic material becomes. Each tube can be listened to individually, developing a fragmented listening experience. The archival material mainly exists as a digital database, fragments of the unheard is an experiential form of the past, which reorganises audio from previous pieces in the Olive Plant, and re-contextualises them to be experienced through space.

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