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2010 DAY 2

By November 17, 2010March 16th, 2016At the residency

The residents awoke this morning to light rain, with the nearby mountains deeply engaged in an improvisational dance with the threatening clouds. As shafts of light joined in, we knew it would be an interesting day. The emerging video project took further shape, with improvised scenes concerning the nature of improvisation popped up both inside the house, and in the nearby surroundings. A number of sound artists worked with “Mad Scientist,” a live improvising conduction method, involving colored lights and custom software designed by Stefan, and as familiarity with the software grew, the music produced took on a more definite shape with clearly etched transitions and dynamics. Spirits are high, and the relaxed mood is very conductive for chance encounters with fellow residents, which may very well result in collaborative projects. While no discussions have been held concerning the performances to take place next week in Athens, there is at the same time a collective confidence that the residents will present interesting and compelling work.

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