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2010 Day 3

By November 18, 2010March 16th, 2016At the residency

Today the residents awoke to sunny skies and warm temperatures. With the surrounding mountains etched clearly against a blue sky, the residents moved outside, for both social and artistic encounters. At one point Eric Lewis was playing trumpet on the balcony, while the dancer Ioanna Kabylafka joined in. Their improvisation was soon enriched by the participation of Viviane Houle, whose vocalizations and movements were both amplified and morphed by trumpet and dancer. This encounter led to a discussion of corporality, voice and movement, and was repeated in the afternoon with the addition of the saxophonist Guido De Flaviis. Watch for the results of this collaboration next week at Knot Gallery.

Resident composer Marielle Groven worked on graphic scores based on multi-color high contrast photos of deep-sky objects. We wait to see how the collective will actualize them in sound, movement and image. She also led a group of residents in one of her improvisational games, based on the collective manipulation of a finite number of musical ideas. A number of residents continued to experiment with, both as performers and as conductors, The Mad Scientist Machine. We are very quickly becoming familiar with the potential and possibilities inherent in the system, and the resultant improvisations are growing in subtly and interactivity. Much video editing took place, and, as always, every resident was well fortified by the fine food, spirits, and spirit, everywhere apparent.

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