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2010 DAY 4

By November 19, 2010March 16th, 2016Uncategorized

The residents awoke, yet again, to a warm, sunny day.  The olive harvest began this morning, and many of the residents spent time observing, and helping with this time consuming practice.  While intensive video editing took place on the ground floor, an ever-growing ensemble of musicians worked on a number of projects.  Marielle Groven led the ensemble through a number of “games” for generating musical structures via collective improvisations.  We also worked on integrating a wider range of electronics into our collective improvisations, and discussed ways broaden our sounds yet further.  Based on suggestion made by the residents, Stefan worked on both modifying his existing software, and developing yet new software, and interfaces, for improvising.  The video artists have been working with the dancers on a project the details of which are yet to be revealed, but rumor has it involve cameras attached to dancing bodies.  As evening approached new residents arrived, and there is a general “buzz” amongst the participants as many projects are starting to take shape, and the mass of electronic equipment and instruments in the main studio grows.

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