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Koumaria 2011 DAY 2

By October 1, 2011March 18th, 2016Uncategorized

We awoke to bright sunshine seeming to make the nearby mountains loom even closer.  A group of residents went to a nearby river by a mountain village in order to judge its suitability for shooting video and dance in the early morning mist.  They then went to visit a nearby early Greek tomb nestled in the shoulder of a nearby hill.  Upon returning to the house, there was much activity–both sound and video work-stations were abuzz with activity.  Immediately after lunch there were experiments in the main studio involving vocal processing with assorted signal processing, while upstairs the assorted video artists worked on perfecting assorted ways of mapping the sound to video projections.  A more general sound jam followed, and then the residents went outside in the late afternoon sun to participate in a photo project focused on the arbitrariness of our self-constructed identities.  While dinner cooked small groups of residents discussed the days collaborative experiments and planned ways to build upon them.  Residents hitherto unfamiliar with the art practices of each other began to find common ground, and to test ways of expanding their own art practices to enable fruitful collaborations.

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