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Koumaria 2011 DAY 3

By October 2, 2011March 18th, 2016Uncategorized

It is day three of the Koumaria residency. All things considered it has been a good day. I woke up with a hangover after drinking copious amounts of local wine, but the head wasn’t too bad. It was a slow, slow breakfast, followed by a walk across the olive orchard to a small church perched on a hill. I have been thinking about creating a piece for two or three performers, a choreography of the hands on a small stage the size of a table. There is a feedback network created by two microphones and speakers. As the hands explore and play-out the space they interfere and interact with the feedback. I have been speaking to Ioana Paun and Alessio Castellacci about performing the work. I have also been working closely with good friend Tim Ward. Tim went out scavenging today and came back with some heavy terracotta tiles, weathered and battered (the curved type). They stood on the table between the microphones and speakers filtering and muting the sound. We have had mixed results. I tried processing and controlling the feedback in a variety of ways, but still looking for just the right sounds this is the. There were a couple of breaks this afternoon. Tried tying some long corn leaves to a fan. Much rustling and visually stunning, but this may remain a white elephant. Eric Clarke’s fiftieth birthday today!

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