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Koumaria 2011 DAY 5 and 6

By October 5, 2011March 18th, 2016At the residency

The collective spent a profitable day refining individual projects.  So many projects have developed a full head of steam that we have had to post a schedule for the main studio space.  The video project involving stop animation was completed, and viewed by the sound artists with an ear towards creating an improvised sound track.  Another session of natural movement took place, this time on a different part of the surrounding countryside.  The circuit makers spent much of the day, solder irons lit, making assorted sounding devices.  A piece for processed voice, saxophone, live electronics and dance was further refined and practiced.  We continued the portrait project of all the residents.  The ISE experimented with a conduction, which succeeded in bringing the ensemble into new sonic spaces.  A new meditative piece for looped chanting voice and movement was practiced, while soundtracks for a photo documentary were created.  The mood today was one of concentrated work, with increasing realization that the clock is ticking towards our weekend presentation.  At our daily communal meal we discussed our upcoming presentation and decided that by the end of tomorrow all the individual projects should be near completion so we can begin the difficult process of creating out of them a compelling and sensible presentation.  Much work ahead!

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