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Yesterday was a travel day for all the residents, who arrived in two main groups. We awoke this morning to a clear warm sky—those who arrived last night after dark saw, for the first time, the ridge of mountains that dominate the skyline. Folks were shaking off jet lag, and taking short walks around the residency with coffee in hand. Everyone seemed amazed by the surroundings. At 11 there was a meeting of all those involved in the documentary that we are shoot this year, in celebration of the fifth year of the residency. We discussed technical matters—determined what formats to shoot in, and decided on file management and sound coordination—and also more general issues concerning the best way to document our activities. This year we have more cameras and lights than usual, in order to assist in the filming, and folks are generally excited by the prospect of a high-quality documentary being made. At noon we all met for a full meeting introducing the projects folks want to pursue, and had a free-ranging discussion with ideas bouncing back and forth across the table. Afterwards folks broke up into smaller groups, with discussions ranging from Max programing to interactive fabrics taking place. We conducted short interviews with each resident concerning their first impressions, and then made our way to the village to film and interview the locals in the coffee shop. Mean while, the completed setting up the studio for sound, and soldering irons and circuit boards were in circulation. Dinner was, as always, a treat, an all-vegetarian feast (with the addition of anchovies!) of about 8 different dishes, from a fava-bean carrot and tomato casserole, a chickpea puree, two different versions of local potatoes, a cumin-scented cabbage salad, among others. We discussed (at some length!) the logistics of tomorrows trip to the mountains, while also having to made a trip to Sparta to pick up a bag of equipment that did not make it on the same flights as its owner! The evening ended with intense, but relaxed, clusters of activity scattered throughout the house. The overall mood is positive, everyone seems both anxious to collaborate and share ideas, while also focused on the outputs we need to produce in pretty short order.

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