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Dawn revealing another strikingly clear and sunny day, a great day for moving a number of the technologies outdoors. After a morning video-team meeting, where more formal interviews with the residents were planned, assorted groups of residents scattered here and there. The video project at the abandoned oil processing plant completed its shoot, to everyone’s satisfaction. One project that had to date been working on its concept, and developing its technology, put it to the test—the creation of a digital wind chime. Using prosthetic sensors originally designed for use by dancers, but here acting as a sort of cyborg tree branch, the sounds of wind chimes was mapped, and refined to trigger other more synthetic sounds. The idea is not to hide the technology, but to foreground it, and reveal the complexity in both the natural sounds of wind-on-metal, and the potential for the creation of new sounds that the digital domain affords us. The use of these prosthetic sensors was also employed inside the residency by dancers, and will be used in a number of the performances to come next week in Athens. Other projects took further shape—an interactive rock is taking on all the trappings of a traditional cult object, if traditional cult objects had conductivity and motion sensors! Artisanal hand drawn overhead projections, served as a backdrop for highly made-up dancers, as an emerging story-line also involving improvised music was developed for yet another multi-media project. Once the skies darkened, and the stars emerged, the olive grove in front of the residency glowed with a triangle of light, as dancers, enveloped in smoke somehow produced to blow in just the right direction, entered, danced, and left this illuminated spot, while both audio and video was recorded. We are realizing how soon we need to have our projects ready to be viewed and performed, and there is a great feeling of focused energy at the residency. Tomorrow, a long tech meeting, which will make clear both how much work has already been accomplished, and how much more there is to do!

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