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Koumaria Residency DAY #2 – 26 Sep 2016

By September 28, 2016At the residency


The residents arrived late yesterday afternoon, amazed by the view from the residency home, and eager to start to get to know each other.  This year we have a very diverse set of residents, both with respect to home country and nationality (Korea, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Israel, China, Italy, England, Brazil) and art form (dancers/video artists/live painters/interactive hardware/installation artists/cross art practices/etc./).


This morning began with a telematics live painting performance  from the village, with the music live from Tokyo.  We then had a tour of the village with a local with detailed knowledge of the village’s history and traditions.


It ended at a part of the village unknown to everyone, where at the village communal threshing floor, paved in stone, with a central post where a rope would have been afixed to a horse, which would march in a circle dragging the threshing tools.

Two of our dancers experimented with both solo and duo dance using the ropes and surrounds walls, accompanied by improvised trumpet.  This looks to develop into an interesting work.  We returned to the residency and had our first of our daily jam sessions, where we become familiar with each others’ live performance methods.  This one featured fours signal processers, two live instruments, dance and live video projections.  After our communal evening meal, there was a demonstration of live coding, and possible ways to integrate it into our performance.  This ended with a lively discussion on the aesthetics of coding, and what we need, and want our audience to know.  Many ideas and possible projects are brewing.


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