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Hossam Dirar [Egypt]

Hossam Dirar was Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1978 where he currently lives and works. He obtained a BA in Graphics from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Cairo. His later studies included Painting, Graphic Design, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Product Design, Photography, Multimedia and Pottery. Dirar’s work explores the factors that make humans different from one another, whether these differences are a result of social, religious or geographic influence. Dirar studies the transformation of the state and environment a human exists in through things that shape them, and in turn the environment becomes a reflection on humans in a wide range of ways, creating a spectrum of existence. Through his interactions with art he highlights this exchange, what happens between the environment and mind, and hopes to find ways to cancel out the differences. Dirar recently took on sound as a medium, he was attracted to the challenge of not using a visual reference, and enjoys its direct reference to the time in which it’s produced, that is a direct link to the technological advances of its time.

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