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Lucia Jeesun Lee [Korea]

Lucia Jessun Lee explores questions on existential, metaphysical matters. In the process, she experiments with digital media, invites people to join, and creates experiential poetry. She has shown her works at Hexagone Scè€ne Nationale Arts Sciences (France), Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul, The 13th Seoul International New Media Festival, Singapore Open Media Art Festival, 3LD Art and Technology Center(New York), The 12th Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival (New York) and various venues in Seoul and New York. She has been invited to participate in Augmented Paper Workshop during Experimenta Salon Arts Sciences Technologies for 2015-2016 France-Korea year, and to Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab at iMAL, Brussels in 2014. Through collaboration with other professionals including Chilean visual artist, French sound artist, Korean programmer, Spanish architect and Trinidadian interactive artist, she often crosses borders of disciplines and nationalities. She has designed and taught art+tech classes in Seoul and New York, including Stevens Institute of Technology, Hostos Community College of CUNY , Queens Museum of Art and Fablab Seoul as an adjunct professor, educator and residency artist.

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