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Akiko Nakayama [Japan]

Akiko Nakayama is a painter who depicts the beauty of convey energy metamorphosis through several media such as installation, photos and performances. Combining the energy of movement and the vibrance of colors, Akiko Nakayama brings pictures to life. Called “Alive Painting”, Akiko depicts the resonance between shapes and textures by using different types of liquids, each with a unique characteristic. She explores three themes in her work. Firstly, the parallels of extremes. Secondly, the resonance between these extremes when they meet. Lastly, the importance of water in bridging these extremes. In recent years, she has performed solo using a colour-organ system, “Fluid2wave”. This system uses soundtracks and sound effects to accompany the digital projection of color painting.
She also collaborates with artists from different genres. She not only performs in Japan, but also overseas.

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