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Koumaria Residency DAY #6 – 30 Sep 2016

By October 2, 2016October 4th, 2016At the residency

Sleepy morning. People get slowly ready to start their own activities.

At lunch time one could hear the heartbeats from Gabriella and Alex’s live pulse feedback performance, while Fawn works hard on her light/sound sensor and the atmosphere is of general quietness.

A long walk to the white graveyard on the hill in front of the Residency. Then, Eduardo, Toi and Dirar go for a shooting at the close river. Toi’s idea is to make a triggering video composition in which the audience is able to choose how to continue the storytelling by selecting one between two videos. Besides, Dirar’s idea is to produce a video which communicates the dynamics of running, in the both symbolic and actual meaning. After the river, the group shoots in a couple of different other scenarios.

After dinner, the second episode of Show and Tell takes place in the living room. Rah presents her video shot at the seaside, where she attempts to draw a line with her body between the sea and the sand. The symbolic reference concerns the ideological and perhaps illusionistic wish of resistance (to systems, schemes, structures).

Fawn shows the two projects developed: on the one hand the light sensor has been put on a jeans shirt, that Toi wears to show movements and play with appearance/disappearance of light; on the other hand, Fawn gives a demonstration of how graphite on a paper, reacting to conductors, stimulates the creation of different kind of sounds, depending on the distance from the main reference dot.

Kleopatra and Panos presented two videos of, respectively, the trashing floor and the visit at the Black Smith. The videos play with movement, resolution and aesthetic of images.

Akiko and Rasmus have developed a better sound connection for their project: the sound now reacts to color variation. They will integrate this new feature in within the initial idea of visual painting and sound connection.

Also Lucia updates the group on her idea of sunrise and sunset shot in order to create a unique line. She ultimately decides to be the only protagonist of the video installation. She will participate to another sunrise tomorrow. She basically recorded every sunrise and sunset since she is here. A perfect reporter of unique repetition systems.

The night is long, the house never really sleeps. Everybody’s wish is to have a more concrete shape of the collective work. But… tomorrow is another day!

by Rossella Salzillo (Intern)

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