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Koumaria Residency DAY #5 – 29 Sep 2016

By September 30, 2016October 4th, 2016At the residency


Also the fifth day at Koumaria Residency brings inspiring material in the house.

Three shootings are sketched in the early morning at Mani, a seaside location two hours from Sellasia. Eduardo serves as cameraman for two projects. One involves Victoria and her project around the myth of Xenia, the goddess of hospitality. The other one, whose concept is by Hossam Dirar, is a theatrical/dance performance. The latter performance is recorded by Rah.

Rasmus and Akiko go to the river in the afternoon, to record some sounds precious for their performance together. Later on, they make their second trial in Koumaria’s living room – even though Rasmus seems to have some troubles with his sound-checks.

Also in the living room, for the second time too, Alex and Gabriella make some progresses in their live pulse feedback performance trial. Gabriella has to learn how to manage the sensors in order to slow down her heartbeats, in order to produce certain feedbacks in Alex’s computer system. Later on, they sit together to decide the narrative of another performance, the one concerning live coding. Gabriella has the creative direction of the “commands” that are going to be executed during the piece.

Everybody looks really busy today.

Lucia is again shooting the sunset.

Nadav does the editing of the videos of the past days.

Eric is as always here and there, as a perfect improviser does, to cook, play music, make the fire, drive people to places, have a little interesting talk with anybody.

Manolis is the sweetest, in his moments of little anxiety and organization pressure. He is busy with his sound recordings for the most part of the afternoon. Kleopatra and Yorgos are the most business-like members. They sit all day on their desks, on the second floor. They are the reliable part of the residency, and the ones who go to bed later than everyone.

Fawn has finished her motion sensitive dancing costumes, functioning with LED. When the dancer moves, the light is programmed to react. She has in mind to provide such “customs” for any kind of performance, being in such way a new-frontier custom designer.

The dinner is being prepared by Kleopatra, Manolis, Eric and Gabriella. A good team, as already tested.



by Rossella Salzillo (Intern)

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