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Koumaria Residency DAY #4 – 28 Sep 2016

By September 30, 2016October 4th, 2016At the residency

Full day concerning trials and field researches. The residents divide in groups since the very morning. At 6 o’ clock a few of them record sounds and Lucia finalizes the shooting of the sunrise. Her idea is to create a double-screen video installation whose concept is to create a space to experience sunrise and sunset at the same time. She starts building a trail from the ruins of a fortress, so to make clear the passage between the sunrise and the sunset itself. For the rest of us, the first hours of the day are quite and slow. The engineers proceed conceiving their electronic-connection work.

Gabriella and Toi, assisted by Manolis and Kleopatra, go recording their dance performance at the trashing floor. Nadav directs his own movie at an olive press. The performance is thought to be collective: people are moving into space unites, in a dance rehearsal marching. They have a certain amount of steps and they get to a border which they realize they can’t cross. So they change direction every time. The video is shot from different angles. In this march, every person suddenly drops until there are no more. Each person is finally eliminated by the march itself.

After lunch time, Nadav and Rah drive to an abandoned hotel to do a dance shooting. The dancer is trapped in a cage, trying to escape.

At 18.00, Lucia and Fawn go shooting the sunset together, while Alex and Gabriella design their first trial of live pulse feedback. Through sensors connected to Gabriella’s finger, Alex is able to feel and reproduce her heartbeats live. The speakers function through the computer. The concept includes the reproduction of a video, shot by night in the nature, which simulate a person running into a wild forest, escaping from something or somebody.

One your later, Akiko and Rasmus have their first sound and alive painting trial. Both of them are strongly authentic in their art formats. They are able to give a sense of connection, even when not strictly planned. They want to create a connected performance between alive painting and experimental electronic music. Music would follow the movement of the painting in the same way that the movements of Akiko’s colors would integrate with the sounds reproduced. Moreover, they physically connect the iron pad where Akiko is doing her mixes of materials and colors with Rasmus’ electronic device system.

After a delicious dinner, the group faces the first “show and tell”, consisting of a general demonstration of all the work done until that moment by the residents. In addition to the works already discussed, so many questions are asked and doubts are exposed by the artists. Some of them are still searching for a concrete representation of what they still visualize as a potential idea!



by Rossella Salzillo (Intern)

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