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Rasmus Zschoch [Germany]

Rasmus Zschoch is probably an artist. In his personal and collaborative work he seeks to break with borders between disciplines, working on sound, music and noise in inter- & multidisciplinary settings. Rasmus Zschoch is probably a musician. Having learned to play glockenspiel at the age of three, he moved on to piano and guitar and was a member of several bands. He continues to play, write and perform for “Storian Collective” (EP & book “Core” released in May 2016). Rasmus Zschoch is probably a composer. His work ranges from acoustic to electro-acoustic to electronic compositions. His pieces tend to end up much shorter than the time he spends writing them. Rasmus Zschoch is probably an academic. Since finishing his studies in Music Composition and Production (BoM 2016, Prince Claus Conservatory & Minerva Academy of Arts, Groningen) he continues to research artistic and musical practices, methods and movements, often being fascinated and frustrated by the amount of ideas that have already been done and the limitations of his own creativity. Rasmus Zschoch (born in Germany, AD 1988) is probably Rasmus Zschoch. And that is definitely something.

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