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Koumaria Residency DAY #3 – 27 Sep 2016

By September 30, 2016October 4th, 2016At the residency

Alarm clock rings some minutes before 4. Mount Taigyetos is there, impressive. The track is driven until a very high point, but not until the pick. Manolis and Rasmus install their own machineries to record far away sounds of forest and animals. With Lucia, the perfect sound of silence is enjoyed.

Some human-made noise is also recorded – footsteps and breathing and screams.

Later at 6:30 the group moves on a point halfway from the top of the mountain. This time, Lucia records the sunrise and its beauty, while the boys keep on trying their sound recording. The sunrise looks beautiful, impossible to translate in words nor record.

After breakfast the most part of the residents are visiting Black Smith. In the meanwhile, Nadav and Rah decide to go to the archeological site of Sparta. They have the idea of shooting a series of pictures, to edit in slow animation. They chose a capital of a missing column as stage, and a V century AD basilica perimeter as set. Then they continue towards the ancient Spartan amphitheater, to take some panoramic shots. Nadav, followed by Rah, dances following the panoramic frame of the amphitheater. A sort of battle wants to be portrayed throught  the dance.

In the meanwhile, some projects have started to be shaped. Toi wants to work with iron materials in order to create a door and improvise a dance reminding of a place called home. Akiko and Rasmus have started working together on an electronic-based live painting. Lucia is working at a connected cycle of sunrises and sunsets.

In the afternoon we go to the “trashing floor”, where Toi and Gabriella improvise a dance while winded by ropes. Eric with his trumpet and a villager with his percussion take the rhythm.

While having dinner we set the schedule for next day’s performances, show cases and set ups of the works in progress. It has been a long day, tomorrow will definitely be another intensive one!


by Rossella Salzillo (Intern)

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