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Koumaria Residency DAY #8 – 2 Oct 2016

Sunday is hangover, recovery from home-made red wine and tsipouro (traditional greek grappa). The celebrations for Eric’s birthday turned out to be an occasion for letting inhibitions go down. Dance and loud music have been the protagonists last night. Plus, Guido and Rolando have come in time for the dessert to be the new entries of the residency. They will help harmonizing it with intriguing rhythms and Italian jokes.

Nevertheless, at 9 in the morning a group of resident is ready to go shooting the piece thought by Nadav. The camera frame functions as limit beyond which participants cannot go. The group starts as a compact block and, as soon as one person peels off the group, he or she falls apart.

At 4, the dancers are driven to Sellasia city for a dance lesson with children. In the meanwhile, Akiko and Rasmus get prepared for their visual-music performance. It takes much to set the electronics and to connect the cables.

When the daylights are about to shut down, café Kanellopoulos in Sellasia gets ready to host two of the performances developed at Koumaria Residency in the past seven days: Akiko and Rasmus, with their alive sound painting, and Alex and Gabriella, with the live pulse feedback. The exceptional twist of the show is given by the improvised acoustic trio, trumpet-saxophone-double bass, played smoothly by Eric, Guido and Dimitris between the two live performances.

The atmosphere is cozy and familiar. The show takes place in the little garden of the café, where people sit on little tables in front of a projector and a double-desk structure. Many citizens come around, sit on a table and, between a glass of red wine and a pita, enjoy the two-hours-long show. The mood of the residents is of relaxed concentration. Most of all, they want to have a first external perception of their works, observing the reaction of the public and the degree of efforts needed in order to improve them.


by Rossella Salzillo (Intern)

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