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Koumaria Residency DAY #9 – 3 Oct 2016

Alarm at 9 a.m. There is a perfect windy sunny weather. Lucia goes shooting the final sunrise, the one that is going to be in the installation for the presentation of Koumaria Residency’s works. In the morning, Gabriella and Nadav dance for the second time at the abandoned car: their aim is to bring to life again an unused object. They would work at the editing until late night. Toi is video-triggering the videos she shot two days ago at the river and by a clay cave. In addition, she works with Panos at the editing of the shooting of the trashing floor performance. In the afternoon, the two would be followed by Dirar at the closest graveyard up on a hill in Sellasia. While Dirar is finalizing his short movie about memories and running, Panos and Toi follow their own cinematic paths and shoot two scenes in such a peculiar scenario.

In the meanwhile, Guido and Rolando come up with an idea related to the concept of diaspora: Guido would play a piece for saxophone, or even improvise, then Rolando’s answer would be literally “grazie e vaffanculo”. Playing with the concept of welcome and hospitality, in an innocent nervy Italian mood. Kleopatra and Rolando have an idea for tonight’s Show and Tell: everybody is given a few verses from a same long poem, and has to recite them without referring to the others’ content. Rolando is also managing to create a stop-motion shooting with Kleopatra, as actor. Although, by now, this is still only a concept.

In Sellasia, Nadav continues the video shooting around the theme of uncrossable borders. Gabriella, Rasmus, Akiko and Rah follow him. Before the third edition of Show and Tell, Rolando explains the rules of the poetry game. We start by saying the verses normally, and the individual is confused with the collective. The second level is to act in a certain way, with a certain tonality, no matter what we is specifically said. At the end, all together we confuse and mix bunches of words. Some highlights from Show and Tell: Panos’ film shot at Black Smith and at the graveyard, dealing with violence, escaping, being exhausted, shadows. Eduardo and Dirar’s last shooting’s update at the beach is also presented, kind of complete. Toi and her video-triggering is showed with the help of Alex’s technology: Arduino, which produces sensor inputs, and pure data that translate these sensors in videos.


by Rossella Salzillo (Intern)

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